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Thank you for your interest, but in my research I use combination of both feather and offals with offals domenant. I dont know what is the percentage of both as the factory in my town do not produce them separatedly
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Dear Christopher Hettiarachchi, thank you for your question, poultry byproduct meal contain feather and concerning flesh analysis the research includes protein deposition and energy deposition of fish in all treatments but we did not include it in the paper.
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Thank you for your interest but our work is on the nutritive value and we don´t measure the water quality as water changed every day and also we use filters to avoid stress of water pollution by anything
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ABSTRACT The present study was performed to investigate the effect of feeding different levels of poultry by-product meal as untraditional ration constituents on fish performance, and apparent digestion coefficients. A total number of 90 apparent healthy Nile tilapia fingerlings were randomly distributed into 5 groups, each of 18. The first group was considered as a control (T1) and was fed ad- ...
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Nice work i do replacement of fish meal by other by products but in tilapia and i got great results but i have one question did you make boiling test to test the taste of fish in each group????
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very good but i want to ask, are organic acids used in quial nutrition?
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