News published on August 21, 2019
Dr. Raúl Cortés Coronado; Techinical Services Director for Mexico and Latin America at Pancosma, will present the conference "Evaluation of the performance of hens in production with addition of plant and yeast extracts as an alternative to the use of performance promoting antibiotics. The lecture will take place during Guatemala's 2019 National Congress of Aviculture at the G ...
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For a few years, we have been receiving advice from international health organizations about the use of antibiotics in the animal production industry. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that a lack of effective antibiotics was as serious a threat to security as a deadly disease outbreak. We should focus our attention on a set of measures which promote safe animal growth and mainly act in t ...
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Athangudi thanks for your comments, it is very interesting. Regards
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This H7N3 virus produces a great reaction of the tissues infected that produce abnormal levels of TNF, this citoquine may change all the metabolism in the bird that increases mortality by hipovolemian shock. When the "pelecha" is applied the production of TNF decrease and bird recover opportunities to live if serum titles (because of vaccination) are enough.
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A pleasure to hear you, my friend, on a subject of importance to all. It's a pity that the plates do not look good in the recording and you lose a little of the idea you're presenting.
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Heat stress make a lot of change in the animal. One that it is more important for live and performance is that the antioxidant "bag" is reduced because lack of this product in diet. To cope with this, the bird increase (?) the production of antioxidant enzymes as glutation peroxidase, but this need not only Se but Glutation. Cysteine needed for this glutation comes from metil-cicle that is push by ...
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Mannan and B-glucans, also proteins are part of Yeast wall that you may not spare. This mix of product are the key part of yeast attach to TLR2-Dectin1 receptor to stimulate IgA production at peyer patches. So Yeast walls are yeast Wall there is no Mannan free product or b-glucan free products that lead to IgA production.It is clear in your trials that the use of yeast wall help the bird to cope w ...
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