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Zdzislaw Mroz
Veterinary Doctor
Applied and fundamental research on non-ruminants
Veterinary Doctor
Participation in Forum on April 1, 2023
Dear John, Your review is excellent. Congratulations!!!Keep strong and be scientifically active as long as possible.With best greetings and wishes from your old Polish friendZdzislaw Mroz
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Basic Role of Feed FormulationFeed formulation is a process by which our knowledge of the nutrition of the animal can be translated into feeding programs which achieve our production objectives. These objectives typically include optimizing growth performance and producing a final carcass that can be converted into safe, healthy and appealing consumer meat products. This must be done in a profitab ...
Article published the February 8, 2022
IntroductionPrevention of disease transmission and enhancement of growth and feed efficiency are critical factors in modern pig production. For more than 50 years enteric disease suppression and growth promotion have been effectively achieved by the inclusion of various antibiotics or chemotherapeutics at subtherapeutic doses into diets. The estimated economic benefits in terms of improved gr ...
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Participation in Forum on April 5, 2021
Dear Hans, As your old professional partner from ID-DLO Lelystad (Wageningen University in The Netherlands) I am happy to know that you are still very active in the nutritional research on pigs. Your work I find very interesting and worthy to comment as follows: Optimizing Trp:Lys ratios in diets for grower pigs (without or with DDG) has been subjected to many studies across the world. From my ...
Participation in Forum on March 22, 2021
Hello John, It is fantastic to see you still active and congratulations for so interesting paper. Porcine spray-dried plasma protein was also subjected to my investigations, which were presented many years ago in your country at the Annual Meeting of Animal Science. In my study, similarly as in yours, this product exerted a positive (but nonsignificant) influence on growth and some parameters of ...
Participation in Forum on March 8, 2018
Congratulations to the authors for this excellent review. John, I admire you that you are always so super professional. Keep strong for a long time yet!
Participation in Forum on March 28, 2017
Dear Mike, You replied to Rafael Duran that you are not aware of data concerning extrinsic/intrinsic phyteses and the origin of phytate in pigs. I suggest to get more insight in the work of Mroz, Kemme and Jongbloed from Lelystad with regard to this topic. It is obvious that from the commercial point of view - the higher doses of supplemental phytase the better income of the manufacturer. However, ...
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Really excellent and well presented .
Discussion created on June 6, 2013
Hello Christian, I am Prof. dr Zdzislaw Mroz - a retired scientist from the Wageningen University - Animal Sciences Group in Lelystad. As a pioneer of international research with your excellent product - Formi (thanks to dr M. Overland from Norway), as well as with many other organic acids or salts in pig diets for replacing in feed-antibiotics and growth promoters I congratulate you for your e ...
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