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Over the past twenty years, much success has been realized in the efforts to reduce the amount of fish meal in aquafeeeds in favor of other feedstuffs. Demand of fish meal as a principal source of protein has decreased due to many successful achievements, but is poised to increase as attention is being directed to the farming of more carnivorous species. A variety of approaches to achieve total su ...
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IntroductionMuch information is given (Willem Van Cotthem, 2012) on Opuntia ficus-indicaasan aloes. In Arabic is called Sabr, Teen Shoky, Teen Barbary, Hendy, Hendia, or Barshomy. It could be used commercially and industrially in treatment of some diseases (eyes, face, bone, prostate, colon, stomach, and intestine) and in cosmetic manufactures. It is a permanent plant grows in arid zones and toler ...
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