Marcelo Borba
The Company Working at the crossroads of nutrition and health we are committed to delivering future evidence-based solutions that enhance animal health and performance, including : Improvements in digestibility and bioavailability, for better feed efficacy and performance. Cost-effec...
Video published on November 16, 2018
Marcelo Borba, Aqua Technical support manager LATAM, highlights the key factors of the Aquaculture in Latin America and explains the innovative solutions Phileo offers for that region in aquaculture.
Article published the August 21, 2018
Pathogenic agents that cause economic impacts in aquaculture are from bacterial, viral, fungal and/or parasitic origin. In fact, the combination of one or more of these pathogens is the most common cause of disease outbreak and can increase disease dispersion among shrimp and fish.Diseases in aquaculture have been causing adverse economic and social impacts worldwide, leading to significant losses ...
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March 1, 2017
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Location:Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Occupation: Tech & Sales Manager - Aqua at Phileo - Lesaffre Animal Care
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