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That is the fungal infection . please send the feed sample to laboratory. Thanks
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Dr. Rakesh Nimbalkar, Hello sir, Thanks a lot for your valuable information.
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Dear Dr Nitin , In my opinion these gizzard lesion would have been contributed by citrinin toxicity through the feed ingredient like maize gluten meal . you are also advised to confirm whether the maize gluten meal was processed by dry milling or wet milling . wet milling products have higher concentration of citrinin Thanks Dr Rakesh Nimbalkar Consultant Poultry nutritionist Polchem Hyg ...
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Dear Sir, Liquid Methionine and Powder form Methionine, Which one is the best for commercial Broiler and Why? Thanks sir.
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1. IntroductionUnder normal circumstances, excessive free radicals are scavenged by body enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants, but oxidative stress can occur when the amount of oxidant production surpasses the capacity of the body’s antioxidant system [1,2]. Different aspects of avian productive and reproductive performances, such as egg production rate and egg quality traits, as well as ...
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My honorable Sir, this very much helpful to our poultry industry.
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DIMA WHITE, STEVE LEESON and WOO KYUN KIM* report that a herbal feed supplement, consisting of natural and organic choline in conjugated form (phosphatidyl choline) along with certain phospholipids can successfully and economically replace choline chloride at lower inclusion levels and provide additional beneficial effects in poultry.Functions and metabolism of cholineCholine, a water-soluble vita ...
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