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Heat stress affects dairy cow production and performance. To dial down heat stress, mechanical cooling remains a mainstay. Nutrition is of increasing importance. Research results show how methionine mitigates heat stress.
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Dear ISRAEL FLAMENBAUM,Your work is unique and we can’t find any parallel insights from anywhere else.I am a dairy farmer from Punjab province of India, here we are in dire need of intensive cooling system as genetic potential of HF cows has improved a lot in recent years but cooling systems are not up to the mark. Every farmer is trying to do their best at individual level but that is not e ...
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1. Fatty acids formulation: changes in nutritionists approach, questions to be answered The aspects abovementioned are quite well-known by nutritionist, and do not constitute major concerns for them. On the contrary, nowadays lipids are not only perceived as providers of energy but also functional components of the diets with physiological and economic implications. Due to this, nutritionist ...
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its okey
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Using feedval software seems to be a better option
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yes I agree. The threshold for heat stress is lower in obese cows.
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