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Felix Klose ok sir
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Here in Nigeria, there are a lot of challenges we are facing in getting quality feeds for livestock due to high cost of energy and protein concentrates which is not commensurable with what client could afford when you consider selling product to make profit.I believe creamino to be the smart way to really reduce cost of production and help farmers to get a reasonable profit vis a vis making meat a ...
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I am facing a challenge at present where dried waste bread and cassava flakes were used to replace maize due to high cost of maize. I added toxin binder to the feed and pelletised but still have high mortality. I have lost a total of 22 birds out of 152. need help on prescription on phytogenic i can get around to help inhibit aspergillus as most pharmacy around do not sell liquid toxin binder and ...
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Like to hear advance research by any professional in the group of possibility of tithonia diversifolia working as toxin binder in feed manufacturing for chicken
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The marigold used in the research, is it the same as the tithonia diversifolia?
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I would like to hear your view and experience. I have just lost 18 birds out of 152 stocked to symptoms likened to be aspergillosis which I suspected was from mold on the waste bread.
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tosin olonijolu Thank you I am interested any published with feeding broilers with low energy diet 2960 kcal ME if any my recent work indicate that low energy all carbohydrate diet works well as those supplemented with different oils levels up to 6% and having the same energy level under hot westher condition please help with any relative references
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Nice research work. I only knew of energy manipulation during hot climate condition for better results in broiler production. My own perception is to feed 18cp with required amino acids and a reduce metabolizable energy of like 2.9mcal/kg as against the 3.2mcal/kg at average daily temperature of 38°c. As atmospheric temp rise to 40, I sometimes supplement feed with bakers yeast and baking powd ...
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The occurrence of pasty vent is usually observed after 3 days of age when chicks are mainly depending on their feed rather than their yolk sac. Some chicken flocks present pasty vent more often than others, being their frequency variable and hard to track. How can it be prevented or treated? Could this characteristic damage the growth or feed conversion ratio at the market age? The pasty vents are ...
Article published the July 20, 2020
1. Introduction Antibiotics has many possible benefits such as; improvement of feed utilization, reduction of mortality, improvement of weight gain, body weight evenness and feed conversion rate (Bolu et al., 2011). Currently, the use of antibiotics has come under critical reviews since antibiotic resistant bacteria strains can be transferred from the animals to humans consuming the products (Ben ...
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