Article published the July 12, 2022
IntroductionFungal contamination in grains is a serious issue for modern animal production. Mold growth is associated with decreased nutrient content in animal feedstuff (Vieira, 2003). Furthermore, the development of fungi under specific conditions may lead to another major threat: mycotoxin production. In past decades, over one quarter of the world’s food crop production was estimated to b ...
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Article published the July 8, 2022
IntroductionWater is considered an essential nutrient as it is involved in every metabolic function of the body. It represents about 70% of body weight, and its body content decreases per weight unit as the animal ages, despite the increase in water consumption. Water turnover rate is high compared to that of other compounds (Leeson & Summers, 1997).Water intake is a determinant of broiler per ...
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Article published the August 23, 2021
IntroductionAntimicrobial additives have been used since the 1950s and are an important alternative to allow adequate productivity for animals raised under increasingly intensive conditions. As a consequence of the widespread use and results of AGP in livestock production, there is interest in the study of these additives by meet industry and the academic community. A total of 68.200 publications ...
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Article published the December 12, 2018
INTRODUCTIONIn studies with birds which objective is to evaluate the immune responses and in which nutrients are manipulated to enhance bird immunity, not only performance responses are used. As the immune system is very complex, and some parameters are influenced by related sub-systems, immune responses are also used. Cell-mediated immune response is one of those methodologies applied in this kin ...
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Article published the July 19, 2018
IntroductionIt is generally assumed that the young pig up to about 70 kg body weight (BW) displays a limited physical capacity to ingest nutrients (Quiniou et al., 2000), and will respond to increases in dietary energy concentration with an increase in growth rate during an energy-dependent phase of growth. This phase is believed to extend up to 90 kg BW; however, the greatest limitation to ingest ...
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