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The Company Working at the crossroads of nutrition and health we are committed to delivering future evidence-based solutions that enhance animal health and performance, including : Improvements in digestibility and bioavailability, for better feed efficacy and performance. Cost-effec...
Article published the April 19, 2022
What is the incentive for the EU ban?The EU ban entails the use of high levels of ZnO (known as veterinary levels), which can be defined as levels above 150 parts per million (ppm). High levels of ZnO increase the risk of heavy metal accumulation in the environment and the potential for antimicrobial resistance. We should not forget that zinc is an essential part of swine diets, at nutritional lev ...
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Dear Peter Ramaekers, thank you for your questions. The diets between the groups in this trial were standard Danish diets commercially available with 19.9% CP in the diet fed for the first 14 days. The only differences were the treatments, where the control group had 2,500ppm of ZnO during the first 14 days of the trial. The treatment group was supplemented with Actisaf and Safmannan during the fi ...
Article published the October 21, 2021
Over the past decades, the use of therapeutic inclusions of zinc oxide in diets has been used to reduce the negative impact of the weaning process on the performance of piglets. Its effectiveness on diarrhoea reduction has led to an enormous increase in consumption of zinc oxide in pig nutrition worldwide. More and more countries around the globe are concerned about the negative impact of zinc oxi ...
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