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Thanks for your suggestions sir.
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Detoriation of egg quality (weak & misshapen eggshell with watery albumen) is often seen by me in com. laying & breeding flocks of Pakistan and Middle East.Usually farmers, particularly in Pakistan, are not using IB Variant vaccines during the rearing period.Is it advisable & beneficial to use IB Variant vaccines, like 4/91 during laying period in the presence of IB problem?Based on my ...
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Dear Sir,What is the treatment for mycoplasma in breeders.And please suggest me schedule of totally mycoplasma free birds if passable.
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Thank you for comments, I would like to stress the following: 1. Organic minerals will not solve the problem of the stress, their supplementation is effective only in the case of dietary mineral (Zn, Mn, Cu, Se) deficiency. If the diet is adequate in these minerals, there would not be much response in terms of antioxidant enzyme synthesis. The technology of supplying special vitagene-regulating m ...
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