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Participation in Forum on September 27, 2017
Dear Professor,Do you know the North Florida Holstein Tunnel Ventilation?
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Dr. Mike Czarick Thanks Mike, see you in Rome next month. Aziz
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Brian Fairchild, Professor at the University of Georgia, discussed recent research on temperature, air speed and humidity on poultry housing conditions and ventilation, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
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CO2 is important, but remember the temperature. I have seen several examples of inactive chicks caused by low temperature. Depending on the conditions you should start your chicks at 33-35 degrees C. If air temperature is too low, the chicks will stay inactive to save energy and try to maintain body temperature. For sure a low CO2 is important, but I do not think that levels at 3.000-4.000 will m ...
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The advantages are very unique in terms of crop age, % mortality, FCR, live weight at slaughter and dressing weight when compared with broilers raised on floor. The main barrier to raising cage broiler is only the cost of cages, but this cost is rapidly paid for by a better yield and profitability. Livestock industry foundation for Africa ( have a comprehensive database on thi ...
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D.C.Hettiarachchi - Sri Lanka A tunnel house with high energy efficiency could be some times problematic as insulators/ceilings could hinder cleaning and disinfection procedures. Therefore, factors such as ease of cleaning & disinfection should be considered very well otherwise, the gain obtained from improved energy efficiency would be lost due to repeated out breaks of diseases.
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thank for the advice sir.
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Mr Esperidion, You have to measure the temperature of the roof inside the house with a contact thermometer, not a laser gun which will under estimate the actual temperature if the roof is metallic. When there is no ceiling, radiation from the sun on metallic roofs can lead to temperatures of 60 °C on the inside surface of the roof. Then the air speed will tend to catch the calories from the roof ...
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I agree with most of the comments posted until now. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that increasing the length of the house may reduce the energy consumption in some extend, provided that the static pressure doesn’t reach levels that the fans can’t sustain at low energy costs. These relatively high static pressure levels may be reached with quite short houses if the houses are equipped w ...
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Dr. Maqsood has given too much detail about energy conservation for tunnel ventilation. I think while insulating the house if reflecting material is used it will work well as compared to insulation, as the house during whole day absorb heat and at night it dessipate heat. In other words after the house become hot it takes time to cool. I realy appreciate Dr. Maqsood providing valuable tips. Habi ...
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