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Gastrointestinal disorders remain a challenge to control and can severely affect the health and welfare of different animal species. Yet, plants produce an impressive array of compounds which can potentially be used as natural solutions to improve gut health. Tannins are widely spread in the plant kingdom and they are certainly an element of interest in this sense. Thanks to their antibacterial, ...
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Commercial laying hens health and production activity are continuously threatened, intensive breeding is becoming the most followed approach for many different type and size of companies. Therefore there is world-widespread agreement on nutrition key importance, since finding the right feed blend and measuring its performance is what really makes the difference for both the animal productivity and ...
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Hi Tom: Thank you for the insights. All the best! Regards
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Chlorine bleach is probably the most common poultry water sanitizer used in the U.S. It is reasonably inexpensive and easily obtained and handled. However, the presence of a biofilm or organic matter will challenge its effectiveness. NaDCC is a good alternative to bleach. NaDCC tablets are popular with hikers and backpackers and outdoor adventurers as well as in emergency water treatment situa ...
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Hi Mr. Tabler: What do you recommend for effective water sanitation in poultry houses. We are on a water sanitation program with our customers and we use NaDCC in effervescent tablet form for water sanitation. Do you have any organic alternative suggestion for this? Regards, AR Baldovino CEO
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