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Menad Rabie
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Dr. Alex Corzo, Associate Professor of Poultry Science at Mississipi State University was present at IV CLANA, Brazil and gave a lecture about Proteo genomics in amino acids nutrition for broiler chickens, and also about the use of biotechnology techniques.
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Ken Koelkebeck (University of Illinois), program coordinator, talked about the collaborative work to put together this traditional event and the plans for next year's meeting.
Product published on May 20, 2019
The publication of this product is complete.
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Thank you
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Patti J. Miller, Veterinary Medical Officer at the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (USDA), presented her research on Newcastle disease virus, clinical signs, strains and vaccines, during ANECA 2017.
Participation in Forum on April 22, 2019
Thanks to all of you. Just a quick question: when can methionine or lysine be used as a primary limiting factor? Or can they be replaced by a raw material?
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IntroductionThe efficient use of feed is extremely important in broiler production. Investigations have to be continued to decrease cost of broiler production and improve broiler performance. Pellet feed has been shown to have the greatest potential to improve feed conversion ratio (FCR) and reduce cost compared to mash feed (Maiorka et al. 2005, Salari et al. 2006, Amerah et al. 2008). These impr ...
Participation in Forum on March 26, 2019
Juarez Donzele Thank you for the answer, Dr. I'm very interested in everything that has to do with mineral and vitamin supplements and, since you are specialized in nutrition, I appreciate your help in keeping me informed of all that is new. Regards.
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Dr. Menad, certainly not only methionine but all essential and non-essential amino acids must be in the animal's demand, so that maximum efficiency in the use of lysine can be obtained. This is because, in the deficiency of any of the essential amino acids as well as inadequate ratio of essential amino acids to non-essential amino acids, by compromising protein deposition it interferes by compromi ...
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Congratulations. Thank you for this study, which is truly objective. Just would like to know if methionine is an essential factor that acts directly on the role of the lysine. Thanks.
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