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Dear Anwar, Thanks for the detailed information. It appears the farmers in the area have to be taken through the knowledge of Bio-security. If issue is IB, the use of antibiotics will not solve the problem per se. Farmers need good grabs on IB vaccination, hygiene, quality water management and more importantly, Bio-security. You may check a publication by Fierson, 2011 or do a mail to pierso ...
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Behavioural disease occurrence in poultry is relevant to poultry production and it could probably be observed in places where poultry are kept either as commercial or domestic consumption. If this is true, it means that behaviuoral diseases such as aggressive pecking, cannibalism etc. could be experienced in places where birds are kept and the occurrence/frequency would be factor of population if ...
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Formulating feed for broiler chickens in Nigeria is becoming more challenging due to general rise in prices of feedstuffs. To this end, different formulae are used by researchers and farmers but I need to know the effect. Recent studies show increase in the blood creatinine. What is the implication? what is the normal range of creatinine and uric acid in healthy chickens (Broiler)?
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Introduction Nigerian Agricultural sector is identified with the provision of food and nutrition while poultry production is responsible for 19% of the meat supply (SAGTAP, 2012). The value of the commercial poultry industry in Nigeria is estimated at N80 billion ($600 million) and is rated as the most industrialized component of the livestock Sub-sector. Over 25 million people are employed direc ...
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