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Congratulation on your new position. I'm so proud of you.
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Isabela Barros, ICC Brazil southeast Asia sales manager, presents the company's new member Ekachai Jenwitheesuk, the southeast Asia technical Manager.
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Dr. Ekachai Jenwitheesuk, the new SE Asia technical manager for ICC Brazil, presents the company's portfolio in Thai.
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I. INTRODUCTION Broiler lameness is one of the top welfare issues facing the modern broiler industry. Despite the improvements in nutrition, health and genetics over the past decades, too many flocks end up with birds that are partially or completely immobile. Europe has focused more on the welfare aspect of lameness; however, the US industry is taking welfare more seriously as more major retaile ...
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Hi, do you use any quinolone drug to your chickens esp. the first week of their age? For veterinary drug, we've learned that quinolone drug will interact with the magnesium ion, which is necessary for cartilage formation. Except for poultry, every animal's species vet will not give quinolone for the young animals. In addition to mineral error in your feed and fast-growing broiler, why don't you th ...
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1 Introduction Characterized after its human orthologue (Herpes Simplex Virus; HSV a DNA containing virus), Marek’s disease virus (MDV), or Gallid herpesvirus 2 (GaHV-2), the etiologic agent for Marek’s disease (MD) is an alpha-herpes virus that targets avian species (Gallus gallus domesticus) where it establishes chronic infection. Notably recognized as a multifaceted disease, MD is ...
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