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I have been looking for a solid answer regarding this topic: Why do rickets occurs mostly in young chicks? Anyone having better knowledge is welcome to join this discussion... Thanks
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This sounds most probable reason because signs of spiking mortality syndrome are much similar to that case im discussing here... But still in that case, treatment remains concern ,as for spiking mortality syndrome,no specific effective treatment is present.
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I think , while considering the disinfection and reusing of litter ,we must keep in mind that disinfection cost must not exceed price of new litter. also method must be economical n easy with less costly equipment involving. Even if disinfection is done properly,then how to remove high moisture? So economical n easy disinfection as well as removing moisture are tough tasks to achieve than arrangi ...
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Nice copy paste effort.
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Are these Vector vaccines( Vaxxitec) & immune complex vaccine equally successful in day old layer chicks? In my experience Bursaplex injected in layer chicks at 1st day ,showed variable results with greater stress & mortality in some cases.
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Last year i experienced an IB breakout on a broiler house adjacent to Layer Farm (8 wk Age). Signs appeared just after administration of 4/91 IB Vacc. In broiler it caused about 6% mortality & same time Layer birds also showed respiratory signs but with little mortality . Now that flock is at 38 wk Age but production is 83% with peak around 86%. This indicates that variant (QX or 4/91) do have a i ...
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Its quite rare in field as far as i have never seen such cases in Pakistan. Though increased my knowledge.
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Well, What i observed in flocks before putting up this thread,was, Lameness around 14-25 days. Broiler Birds have no apparent signs of swelling or plastic type bones, Relatively healthy birds were prone to this condition. If effected bird is picked up from hall n kept in open air or separate withing shed but near fresh air source,it recovered in 6-10 hours. Sugar solution introduction helped to re ...
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