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1. IntroductionEscherichia coli is a Gram-negative bacterium that typically inhabits the intestine of vertebrates and is considered a usual member of the digestive flora in animals. However, under favorable circumstances, it may acquire genes associated with pathogenicity/virulence and cause clinical disease in most domestic farmed species. Colibacillosis is a systemic fatal disease, which occurs ...
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Dear Wijnen , table one in the original publication is referred to Animal groups and adopted vaccine program Control group was vaccinated with Mass plus 1/96 strain while hatchery and truck groups were only vaccinated with Mass vaccine. Best regards, Mattia
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I think in term of spread no difference.
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Dear,the safety of the vaccination was evaluated looking at clinical signs in all groups every day for 11 days (the end of the trial).The aim of our paper was to evaluate the spreading of the vaccine during standard operation at the hatchery where, in some cases, chicks need to be vaccinated with different vaccines and also transported together with animal vaccinated with different vaccines. For t ...
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Infectious bronchitis (IB) was described in the USA for the first time as a respiratory disease of chickens. Its aetiological agent was isolated in 1936 and then identified as a Gammacoronavirus, namely infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) (Cook et al. 2012). Being a single-stranded RNA virus, IBV is highly susceptible to spontaneous mutation and genetic recombination, meaning that a large number of ...
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