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Natural solutions based on herbs and essential oils are showing very promising efficacy in countering the deleterious effect of loose dropping in poultry. Essential oils counter the pathogenic activity of harmful bacteria due to its anti-quorum sensing activity. The herbal phytogenic constituents and essential oils work in synergy to prevent and treat GIT related problems in poultry and pigs. Salc ...
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The condition of fecal droppings is an important indicator of health of birds for field veterinarians, farm supervisors and workers taking care of the flock. To reach a tentative etiology, one needs to categorize droppings. First of all differentiate between diuresis and a loose dropping. In case of DIURESIS, water tends to remain separate from fecal material. Diuresis is generally seen during hot ...
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As of January 2017, the FDA began a stricter regulation of antibiotics commonly used in the animal-feeding industry. Livestock and poultry producers alike have been accused of overfeeding various antibiotics, largely for growth promotion purposes (i.e., for increased feed efficiency and profitability). The ones the medical industry and the consumer have been most concerned with are those deemed m ...
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David Wicker (Fieldale Farms) discussed vaccination, selected breeder flocks, nutrition, supervision and other aspects of antibiotic-free production, during the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, USA.
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Dear Nhan Yes, Phytocee is very much available in Vietnam. You can contact our partner in Ho Chi Minh City Head office @ their landline number +84 2835173328 / 3329 Share your contact details also we will facilitate you. Ajay Kumar International Business Development Manager, NRPL
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Sataluri Satagopa Raja Ayyangar Absolutely agree with you Mr. Sataluri. It becomes prudent for us, however, to scientifically validate herbal products based on their phytochemicals and their mechanism of action, which NRPL is heavily invested in. We hope to revolutionize the herbal industry by bringing in new perspectives with respect to science and technology rather than the traditional ayurvedic ...
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Roger Tague Natural Remedies, India has this product. Kindly send an email to
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Due to enhancements in genetic potential the broilers during the finisher stage consumes more feed & water as a results to higher metabolism therefore higher metabolic water is excreted which is quiete normal but in higher humid areas specially deep litter/ floor rearing leads to higher ammonia levels which is predisposing factors for respiratory infections, this also leads to hyper secretion i ...
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