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Heat stress in dairy cows is becoming an increasing problem in northern Europe according to Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, France. Long acknowledged as a serious summer threat to cow health and production across the world’s hotter regions, heat stress is now seen as a rising issue for dairy herds as far north as the UK. “Due to the impact of climate change on global temperatures, hea ...
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Dr. Daryl Nydam, Director, Quality Milk Production Services Animal Health Diagnostic Center, Cornell University, USA, talks to us during Phileo's Global Ruminant Symposium on Health & Management in Toulouse, France.
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Dr shab , thanks for sharing the information my farm located in Pakidtan & have 400 HF breed import from Australia I'm worried of the health we are feeding silage & minerals plus toxin binder I want to know the toxin binder is on for the health because it's stop toxin but also side effect of there health what is the best solution of cow giving 30 liter milk per day how to care her health that do n ...
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