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i need link to asses the talks on infectious diseases of poultry and mycotoxins
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Dr. Mohammad Akram Dear Sir problem is with storage of the vaccines and many people relate this with PS stock MD is truly horizontally transmitted disease.
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Chris Morrow Dear Dr. Morrow, I fully agree with your comment. This is a real situation in Pakistan, also MIC levels of tylosin also increased. Both MG and MS are having poor response to antibiotics. But I want your expert opinion about use of MG vaccine in PS stock as they will use vaccines the day old chicks may have antibodies if we will perform RSA/SPA it will be positive. In this situation, t ...
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Udi Ashash Instead of trying blindly why not isolate, characterize circulating strain and try for new vaccine development.
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AHMED ANJUM nice to see you sir how are you and family
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excellent article by Chris Morrow
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dates changed
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Good day I brought 150 day old chicks and noticed crd, please could they have been infected during hatchery or in transit ? Thanks.
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Good and Informative for Poultry Vets
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