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Participation in Forum on October 9, 2018
Dear Amanda,I find it highly interesting that Shrimp feed can be done on your expander.It would be good to know what pellet sizes can be done and what would be the bulk densities that can be achieved with the corresponding water content in the expander.Thanks,Urs Wuest
Participation in Forum on July 23, 2018
Dear Mr. Choi,Roller slippage detection: There are various systems of different suppliers on the market in the meantime. Bühler has started with the ABS system years ago. The point is to check the rotation speed of the die and the roller. If the control system detects a difference in speed; means the roller starts to slip slowly and is losing traction due to the condition in the pellet mill l ...
Participation in Forum on July 20, 2018
Dear Mark,There are many different designs and configurations of roller shells. You should check with the pellet mill supplier what designs and combinations are available and the experience they have in regard to gripping, even wear or smooth operation without vibrations as well as what products are best pelletized.If you mean roll slippage by skidding; there are multiple reasons for this. Fo ...
Participation in Forum on July 18, 2018
I assume you are talking about roll shells for pellet mills.There are different configurations possible with roll shells.In general; Dimpled rolls have a better pressure distribution in the die but the gripping action is moderate.In general, the wear is more even in the die due to the fact that the product cannot escape to the side of the roll. Used for regular feed products with limited slippage ...
Participation in Forum on December 13, 2016
If you look at the performance of pelleted versus extruded fish feed in farming you will see the benefit of extruded feed. Take the example Myanmar: traditional feed FCR 1:4.5; pelleted feed FCR1:2,5 (0,3 USD/kg); Extruded feed 1:1,5 (0.48 USD/kg) If you start calculating costs and results you will see the benefit of extruded feed and besides the benefits of reduced waste into ponds, water quality ...
Participation in Forum on December 9, 2016
As I understand from the comments of Mr. Lu you have a Zheng Chang extruder. He mentioned that screws are different for sinking and floating. This is most likeley only the case for this machine. Normal twin shaft extruders you do not need to change the screw or even screw patterns for sinking and floating products. This is one of the advantages of twin shaft extruders. Due to the forced transporta ...
Participation in Forum on December 8, 2016
This looks like cold extrusion in the old days and there will be limited cook to the dough and you have to heat it up by means of mechanical energy input and creating friction in the extruder. Its aquestion of time, temperature, water content and shear . With 30% of water you have sufficient water to gelatinize. The question is do you have sufficient temperature and time in the extruder; only a m ...
Participation in Forum on December 8, 2016
Dear Denis, What type of fish feed do you want to produce and what is the oil content to be added after extrusion and drying? Bulk density? Depending on the type of fish feed and formula you should adjust the extrusion parameters. What is the temperature and pressure at the die? This is directly related to the bulk density of your product. I understand you have variable speed on your extruder. 600 ...
Participation in Forum on December 8, 2016
Hello Denis Sinking and floating feed on a extruder depends mainly on the process parameters you are running. Expansion on the feed depends on the temperature and pressure at the die. The higher the temperature and pressure at the die the more expansion. For a shrimp feed for example you want to be below 100 degr. C at the die and therefore the product will not expand due to the fact that the wate ...
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