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IntroductionSunflower is a well-known silage crop which is grown worldwide including Turkey. Compared to corn silage sunflower silage provides higher dry matter yield with better cold and heat resistance and drought tolerance. It is also easier to get sunflower adapted to wide range of climatic conditions since it possesses higher concentrations of crude protein (CP) and ether extract (EE) content ...
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SAI SUDHAKAR NAIDU.VELLORE Dear S. S. Naidu, Thanks for your query which can initiate a powerful discussion to conclude the best light system in poultry house. Before moving to the main query, let me explain the basic difference between the LED and Tube light (CFL). As you know, apart from its (LED) well known advantages like more energy efficient, close approximation of daylight spectrum, non f ...
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The ADDCON concept - we have a solution for every silage problem! Nowadays, the task of silage additives is to make harvesting less dependent on the weather, to make it easier to comply with the optimum cutting time and to minimise the residual quality risks which cannot be ruled out, in spite of good professional practices and the utilisation of all the technological and organisational possibi ...
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Dr. Ajay Bhoyar Yes it is, serine protease helps against tannin. My laboratory (Kronos Agro LLC) always detect tannin level before sorghum will be added to the feed. To minimize risk, we recommend using sorghum with low tannin content. From another side, tannin is helpful for the gut, reducing unpleasant bacteria.
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Dr. Vijay Swami, It´s the other way around. You choose an enzyme based on the raw materials that are in the feed. If you already have dipeptides in the GI tract the need for proteases is small. Alkaline proteases should be avoided. Theses proteases are most likely developed for detergents not for animal feed. The efficacy of an enzyme is to a large degree determined by it´s optimum pH level. In ...
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