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Betaine is highly effective in helping animals handle heat stress through its osmolyte function by keeping water inside the cells without using the Na+ ATP pump which not only consumes energy but also produces additional heat. We have found both lower body temperature and slower panting rate for betaine supplemented animals, resulting in improved intake and gain. Betaine HCl and Betaine Anhydrou ...
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Betaine and Betaine HCl have been used successfully in many markets to mitigate the effects of heat stress in poultry, swine, and ruminants. Supplementation at ~0.1% in broilers effectively reduced body temperature, respiration, energy requirements, and helped maintain optimal metabolism and gut integrity.
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Betaine has demonstrated significant effects in helping to mitigate the effects of heat stress on dairy and beef cattle, resulting in lower body temperatures, reduced respiration, increased feed intake, higher milk production, etc.
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Heat stress effects can be substantially mitigated through the addition of betaine HCl and betaine in the diets or drinking water. This strategy has been broadly adopted and effectively used in markets with significant heat stress issues. Betaines work in a fundamentally different mechanism from VC, increasing cellular water retention capacity and decreasing endogenous heat generation. For more in ...
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