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Muhammad Irfan Khan Mayo
M.Phil. (Animal Nutrition)
M.Phil. (Animal Nutrition)
Article published the October 20, 2022
What is Biosecurity?Biosecurity means protection of life. In Poultry biosecurity means prevention and control of pathogens to enter and spread into and between the flocks. Good biosecurity is like a chain. Whoever does not follow the biosecurity roles, breaks the chain. The basic purpose of biosecurity is:A. Prevention of pathogens to enter the flock.B. To increase farm productivity and quality.C. ...
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Article published the January 26, 2015
IntroductionLivestock contribute 55.4% to agriculture and 11.9% to national GDP. Main products of livestock are milk and meat. Meat industries are increasing day by day. In 2013 the meat production has increased from 3232000 tons to 3379000 tons (Anonymous et al. 2013). We can achieve the growing meat demand inside the country and can earn a bit foreign exchange by exporting meat. Fortunately Paki ...
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December 19, 2014
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Location:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistán
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Professional Title: M.Phil. (Animal Nutrition)