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Probiotics are beneficial bacteria or yeast that are healthy to the intestine of the animalProbiotics mimic gram negative flagellated bacteria such as E Coli pasteurekka and other harmful bacteria by competing to attach to their receptive sitesSo when probiotics are fed to monogastrics, for example, they get attached to the lumen epithelium receptive sites, that are attachments sites for gram nega ...
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Dr. Charles Ibe, thanks a lot.
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Uwalaka Chinomso it is not advisable because of short production life span
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Does it mean that FC vaccination is not recommended for broilers that are kept for 7-10 weeks?
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Is this product (methiorep) available in Nigeria?
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Please, how can I prepare blood meal from chickens slaughtered in our farm. Secondly, what is the nutrient composition of blood meal? Thank you.
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Thank you all for your wonderful contributions.This is exactly the problem I just noticed in my farm this afternoon for the very first time. I stronlgy suspect inadequate salt because this was the first time somebody else measured the salt used in the feed in my absence. Thank God it happened with the last feed from that batch, so I'll be milling a fresh batch tomorrow. Meanwhile, I had isolated t ...
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