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Oh, I see! My small herd is in Northern Thailand, in the mountains. The weather is cooler than on the plain, but April and may can be hot (40-44oC). The walls are open, cement floors, that we clean with running water in a hose twice a day, a shower in passing to the cows. Would a mist and a fan help? 10 minutes per hour? Or would you recommend a shower like sprinkler? We have plenty of clean drin ...
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What do you think of my idea: Installing timer-electric valves and spraying 10 minutes every hour a fine mist from above the cows as they lay down on sand?
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Since 1990, for 25 years, we have used homeopatic formulas to solve mastitis in dairy cows. With the intensive use of antibiotics in agriculture, the symptoms have evolved and we have had to modify our protocols accordingly to keep the high efficiency that our customers expect. Our protocols are adapted to the signs as noted. If, for instance, the milk turns yellow, then to water, and the animal i ...
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