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PHONGTHEP MORAWAN mycoplasma freedom is only possible when you have goood underlying biosecurity - this includes farm siteing and isolation - very difficult in the short term (but some gains can be made in the medium term with rearing away from multiage sites. Live mycoplasma vaccination is the other way of controlling mycoplasma infections. Simply you need the same strategy for MG and MS. No us ...
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I am Dr m Usman haider from Pakistan working in poultry last 27 years consultan in cages layers in different areas of Pakistan in my opinion some major causes of prolapse are.1 during rearing of flock under wt birds which not fully developed their reprodutive track 2.when Bird shift in laying house owner of farm try to use less intake of feed from recommend std so feed mill Owner increased ME an ...
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 IntroductionThe avian influenza virus (AIV) H9N2 subtype was first characterized in 1966 as causing mild respiratory diseases in turkeys (Homme and Easterday, 1970) and, for the first decade after its isolation, was found only in shorebirds and mallards (Kawaoka, et al., 1988). However, after almost 50-years evolution and propagation, the H9N2 viruses have spread across most of the earth, ci ...
Discussion created on September 16, 2016
I found cases of diarrhea at age broiler 9-15 days . seen in mannure such as corn feed pellets . I confused if anything to do with food or management .. ??
Photo posted on September 16, 2016
Diarhea on broiler
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