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Chick abnormality
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70 day layer chicken Urate crystals fill the kidney
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  Martha Pulido, Associate Clinical Professor at the Mississippi State University, sums up her lecture Food safety – Salmonella update in broilers, during the Intestinal Health Workshop, supported by DSM Nutritional Products, at the North Carolina State University
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Atrophied pancreas
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This is septicemic deadly virus of poultry which affect chicken " especially younger ones" - Turkey – quills – pigeon and rarely duck. This viruses is belonged to Family called paramoxy viruses sero type I ( A P M v-1) Paramoxy viruses classified into: A- paramoxy virus ( pro type . ND viruses ) B- paramoxy virus ( respiratory form ) C- Morbili virus ( measles form ) all para ...
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Patti J. Miller, Veterinary Medical Officer at the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (USDA), gave a presentation on her research on killed and live NDV vaccines against virulent NDV strains in Atlanta, USA.
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