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As a result of COVID-19, veterinarians need to look at biosecurity in new ways. As practitioners we have to focus on protecting pigs and maintaining the economic viability of the farm. We are trained to deal with zoonotic diseases with a primary goal of protecting ourselves, our clients, and the food supply chain. Yet, now we are being asked to think more broadly, more holistically as an occupatio ...
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Sarah Tomlinson (USDA) gave an overview of the process, during 2019 NIAA Annual Conference: Animal Agriculture - Innovation, Technology and Consumer Engagement in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
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  Introduction Weaning pigs from the sow is one of the most stressful events in the pig’s life that can contribute to intestinal and immune system dysfunctions that result in reduced pig health, growth, and feed intake, particularly during the first week after weaning. Technological improvements in housing, nutrition, health, and management have been used to minimize some of the adver ...
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