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As pointed out in some earlier discussions, the use of supplemental by-pass amino acids is economically justified either to promote additional milk production or to allow the use of more economical sources of supplemental protein (amino acids). My exerience is that we usually are more economical in working first with locally available feedstuffs than starting to add the more expensive by-pass amin ...
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Amin Nthanga this is very important to be considered in broiler nutrients, especially at starter phase of feeding.
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I would like to hear from academics and nutritionists about the possibility of using these trace elements in poultry nutrition. Is there any risk related to animal health or human?
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I found several articles focusing on the use of strontium ranelat in human health , thus, maybe possible to use in poultry?
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Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov , I agree with you. I used multi enzymes in broiler diet with certified origen, has good results. when we used other origen multi enzymes the same results was not found. This indicates the differences in results obtained from other friends who discussed the issue above.
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The blend of herbal products has two main results: improvement in gut health by synergism effects but slightly lowered growth due to the reduction of feed consumption, which broiler producers do not desire.
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very excellent article .....thanks for authors for there effort in this filed of scince
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Hello, I work for INVE in Belgium and regarding the feed formulation and feeding strategy. We just developed a post hatch feed (for the first 2 days with a specific structure : Mash + small pellets )who is able to develop the intern organs to have better feed intake and FC. The name of this product is FAST. Don't hesitate to have a look to our website and to send an email. We will help you as b ...
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Every body is trying to control the diseases with synthetic drugs and with antibiotics which cause the problem to the end user. and costly affair .Why you are all not trying with Herbal like Kirathiktha ,Tippa tega and Bhumyamlaki ,Aromatic oils like Clove oil,Eucalyptus oil, Natural C vitamin like Indian Gooseberry, Bakuchi seeds which develope immune system , effective in liver functioning and ...
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I agree with you strongly , and I suggest to supply animal feeds with the natural form of those you mentioned herbs or others maybe found
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