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Cleaning, sanitation and disinfection are critical to the normal functioning of the poultry enterprise. I would like to add the controlled growth of a set of organisms you require. We use various live bacterial and viral vaccines. We also use live protozoa like Eimeria. What are we doing here? We are growing a set of organisms. We use organic acids in feed, water and use acidifiers to keep the ...
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The correlation between egg weight and hatchability is curviliniar. Small eggs ( below 52gms) with thick shells have higher percentage of late deads and lower hatch. Eggs above 70gms have thinner shells, suffer from higher % of weight loss and lower hatches. The chick weight is generally 2/3rds of egg weight. Chicks loose weight on holding and long distance travel. The minimum weight of eggs for h ...
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In Malawi we are using paddy husk for breeder flock as bedding material. But we are facing wet litter problem. Every 10 day we have to remone and new litter. Pl suggest.
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Dear friends Biggest is when temp are low and humidity is more then required level. Only option is that on cooling pad area no moisture or least with continuous fan running house humidity and temp will come to required level . if temp is down then side ventilation has to used to maintain min ventilation in combination. This holds more in night temp will be always lower then day.
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" I have a batch of 3,000 chicks at seven weeks old and the flock is very uneven. " Questions and clarifications. what is this 3000 belong Layers / Broilers ----- PL. GP, Parents, Commercials . Every class has to handled separately. I believe that its breeders flock as still there time and you want grade mix and manage. If its layer you will be giving full feed and check feeding space and qu ...
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