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The quantitative investment in immune defenses is thought to be under tight evolutionary control because they must be sufficient to thwart pathogens without excessively consuming resources (e.g. nutrients and energy) needed for other important processes or causing immunopathology (Ardia et al., 2010, Schmid-Hempel, 2011). In poultry production there is concern that the immune system competes for n ...
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A very interesting topic indeed. And difficult to address in few paragraphs. I just want to point out that the feed, beside to provide nutrients for all the animal cells and tissues (including those involved with the immune system), also has an effect on the intestinal microbiota; and the characteristics of this microbiota have a big influence on the functionality of the digestive tract, the imm ...
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Dr. Vivek Kuttappan, research scientist at Novus International, explains how intestinal lesions and mortality in broiler birds under necrotic enteritis challenge can be reduced using an essential oil based eubiotic product, during the annual International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) at IPPE 2019.
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Congratulations, Victor. Nice to see you working now for Evonik in Latam.
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Just reacting to the original question (do phytases always work in poultry nutrition). Clearly this depends on how you define 'work' i.e. what the expectations you have of the phytase. It would be possible, for example, to manufacture a situation where the efficacy of the added phytase looked very poor e.g. if the diet to which you add the phytase has a high concentration of digestible phosphorus ...
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