News published on October 29, 2019
BRUSSELS (October 28, 2019 ) – As a leader in swine nutrition, Novus International, Inc., hosted an exclusive Key Opinion Leaders event in Seville, Spain (October 14-15, 2019) to openly exchange experiences, thoughts on today’s European challenges in piglet nutrition and obtain new information related to the latest nutritional approaches that can help optimize piglet development. A ...
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In high quality weaning feeds typically 10% whey is used, providing about 7% lactose. SFR considers that 10% of the lactose will be ileal undigestible and consequently will be fermented in the large intestine. Therefore the 10% whey will provide 0.7% fermentable carbohydrates (FCHO). The most significant sources of FCHO will be soybean meal in its different forms (Hipro SBM, full fat extruded soyb ...
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If high crude protein piglet feeds can be used depends a lot on the hygiene level on the (practical) farms and if antibiotics or other anti microbial agents like high levels of ZnO can be used. In the Netherlands no AGP's can be used, the usage of therapeutic antibiotics is very restricted and only 150 ppm total Zn can be used. Nevertheless, if farm management is good you still want as high a SID ...
Article published the December 28, 2017
Introduction Modern piglet production has continuously increased the amount of piglets born per sow year (PSY) through improving genetics, farm management and nutrition. In the Netherlands in 2016 on average 30.0 piglets were weaned per sow per year. This was achieved in 2.36 cycles with 14.7 piglets/litter born alive (PSY 34.7). With larger litters, the heterogeneity in birth weights increases a ...
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Article published the May 29, 2014
The Net Energy system offers several benefits to pork producer and the feed industry, mainly reducing the feed costs per kilogram of pork produced and a consistent technical performance when changing feed formulations due to changes in availability of feedstuffs and feedstuffs prices. In this article the use of an animal category specific Net Energy feedstuff table will be discussed based on the d ...
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