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Dear All,This is Dr Channegowda from Zeus Biotech India.As Dr Kotaiah said: we have already tried fermenting soybean meal and results of initial trials are attractive but it is a lengthy process. It takes nearly 24 hours. But totally natural and very safe with no carrier material or filler material.
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Extracted from an article: I feel this is most probable cause for rapid feed passage syndrome", Please go through Since the 1990s the poultry industry (particularly outside the United States) has faced a syndrome called the "rapid feed passage syndrome", which is correlated with residual trypsin inhibitor content of specific lots of commercial SBM (Ruiz and Belalcázar, 2005). Rapid feed passage ...
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Dear Dr. Beny Perelman DVM, Specialist in Poultry Diseases and Management, Ostrich Medicine Exper Excellent, you have rightly pointed out the root cause of prolapse. However, to some extent it is genetics too, In south India, it is very rare to find Bovans flocks in recent years because the incidence of prolapse is high in Bovans when compared to other lines such as BV 300 or Lohman or Hyline. D ...
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Dear S.m. Ekramul Huque,Nutritionists use 50% of dose of Zinc oxide in poultry if the source is proteinate form. Zinc proteinate manufactured at Zeus Biotech Ltd, India, has been studied extensively. If Zinc oxide level is 1 kg, then you can replace the same with 0.5 kg Zinc proteinate gives same performance
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Dear Jagadesh Singh Sandu,Normally amino acids like lysine or methinine are not added in dairy cow rations in India because they are going to be broken down in rumen. Only protected amino acids are used in developed countries. Evonik has got some products having protected amino acids but not selling in India. My experience in Punjab area tells me that, up to 50 litres production amino acids are no ...
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Constraints to achieving precision feedingToday, feed can be formulated to an accuracy of many decimal places. This is vital for effective least cost formulation, as feed accounts for over 70 percent of animal production costs. Many factors can contribute to reducing the value of that accuracy, such as growing conditions, animal health, management and the nutritional value of feedstuffs used. Feed ...
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I do agree with the comments made by Dr Atul Deshmukh on inclusion of combination of conventional sources of organic acids in poultry diets.There are some Indian organisations, their core capability is sourcing herbal sources of organic acids and essential oils.Dr.ChannegowdaConsultant Veterinary Nutritionist Mysore, India
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Hi Megharaj This is Dr Channegowda from Mysore India I was going through your publication on HMTBa. We have been using some quantity in dairy TMR in North west of India. The performance of dairy cows fed HMTBa is very good Thank you My email:
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Water is the most important nutrient for poultry; survival time is limited in its absence. Birds can survive for longer periods without any other nutrient than they can survive without water.Although water is regarded as the most essential nutrient, it is impossible to state its exact requirements. Birds generally drink approximately twice as much water as the amount of feed consumed on a weight b ...
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Dear Author/Elaine Liao, The results survey shows that levels of mycotoxins in samples are well below the toxicity levels. The toxicity levels for aflatoxin min 20 ppb and above, similarly for Zea 100 ppb for poultry whereas DON for piggery > 100 ppb. Do you still think mycotoxins are real problem to poultry producers? Channegowda Consultant Veterinary Nutritionist India
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