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TMR wrapping


I am writing from Turkey. I am an agricultural engineer (animal science). I need some information. We want to pack TMR(total mixed ration) and sale it. But I wonder altough we press and vakuum it, can it be destroyed or be mouldy, should I add somethig as a preservative. It is new for Turkey. So if somebody help me I would be glad. Thank you.

Duygu Ekin
Agro Engineer Zootechnist
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April 20, 2010
You may want to contact Pennfield Feeds, Lancaster, PA USA. They sell a dry TMR which they call Forage Extender. It is chopped Alfalfa Hay from Larsen Farms, Dubois, ID USA mixed with steamed flaked corn, soy and other ingredients. Because it is a dry mixture there is no problem with mold.
Petar Vulkov Petar Vulkov
General Manager
April 20, 2010

If you can send us a sample we will try to measure its water activity to predict whether your product is stable or prone to microbiological spoilage.

Best regards,

Petar Vulkov
April 21, 2010
In response to your question Micron Bio Systems manufactures a dry granular ammonium proprionate which is suitable for this purpose. For example I know of one exporter from the UK who sends haylage to Japan and treats with this product prior to wrapping.The Product referred to is Profreah Plus.
April 21, 2010
We published a technical article called Achieving Mold Growth Control on this site on 09/28/2009 which you can find by clicking on our showcase and then technical articles. I think you will find this illuminating about the different types of mold inhibition achieved and sets out the case for the benefits of buffered propionic acid very well.
April 23, 2010
Hi Friends,

stabilising TMR has been an discussion for long. My company has therefor launched a product for short term preservation of TMR, namely KOFA TMR. More information you can find on site.
The product can help you to stabilise TMR if wrapped in bales and also in the feeders. As we all know, not all TMR is consumed imideately and as such, time, water, salive... will favour spoilage and related health risk.
August 30, 2010
Nice to know about TMR. Has any body supply these saved TMR in Pakistan. as you we are in deep problem becuase of flood. our cows are a problem of balance food. please let us know the avillibity and also let us know what to feed in this situation

Best Regards

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