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Interesting article about mannanoligosaccharides in Broiler Feeding. I am interested to know which MOS product was used in these trials as there is a huge difference between different MOS products.
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We published a technical article called Achieving Mold Growth Control on this site on 09/28/2009 which you can find by clicking on our showcase and then technical articles. I think you will find this illuminating about the different types of mold inhibition achieved and sets out the case for the benefits of buffered propionic acid very well.
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In response to your question Micron Bio Systems manufactures a dry granular ammonium proprionate which is suitable for this purpose. For example I know of one exporter from the UK who sends haylage to Japan and treats with this product prior to wrapping.The Product referred to is Profreah Plus.
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September 5, 2009
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