The effect of feed processing technology on the safety of feed

Published on: 07/26/2018
Author/s : Zheng Chang, Source: Feed Machinery and Processing)

The main factors affecting the safety of feed include the quality of feed raw materials, the safe storage of feed raw materials, the control of the quantity of various additives in formula, the control of artificial addition in processing, the reasonable design of feed processing technology and the proper selection of the parameters, process management and feed storage management after processing....

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Dr. Sudarshan P Regmi Dr. Sudarshan P Regmi
July 26, 2018

You have done a very nice work in the field of feed industry. Congratulation.

July 30, 2018

I see vast number of articles discussing just issues of mould and mycotoxins under qualitative and feed safety aspects of raw materials during storage as above but hardly there is any article discussing the losses of vitamins, amino acids and other micro-nutrients during harsh climatic conditions. High temperature differences between day and night not only causes the moisture migration, mould and mycotoxins but simultaneously also increases the mobility of molecules and Kinetic energy of the system leading to significant losses of micro nutrients more so in tropical climates countries. This may not be a significant issue for our temperate countries colleagues there, but tropical feed operation unit can not ignore these facts, our initial research findings at least suggest so!

Wende Maulaga Wende Maulaga
MSc in Animal Science and Aquaculture, (specialize in Animal Nutrition)
July 30, 2018

The article is good and it represents the advance feed processing and massive production. This is very educative and I would like to advise even for small scale production safety issues are very important in production cycle. Most of the producers tend to ignore the quality and safety production guidelines!

November 19, 2021

This is very helpful.

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