Wende Maulaga
MSc in Animal Science and Aquaculture, (specialize in Animal Nutrition)
Being Animal nutritionist, I currently work at Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency as a researcher and analysts in animal feedstuffs for all animal categories.
MSc in Animal Science and Aquaculture, (specialize in Animal Nutrition)
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Tanzania Animal feeds Laboratory - training of staff
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What indicators are there that the feed is processed and manufactured well? Why the Mixer Matters in Animal Protein Production? Hear what Dr. Johnny Wilson has to say about these topics
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Good presentation and very educative.
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The article is good and it represents the advance feed processing and massive production. This is very educative and I would like to advise even for small scale production safety issues are very important in production cycle. Most of the producers tend to ignore the quality and safety production guidelines!
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Hello Nasser Thanks for very informative presentation in raw ingredient quality. Apart from problem associated with digestibility , in my country the main problem is adulteration in the raw materials like more sand in some ingredients like fishmeal, mould and other microbial contamination, under processed soya etc. The feed manufactures, most of them they don't have animal nutritionist to guide ...
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Nice article! I would like to have that reference for more information, also if possible to get more infomation on feed pelleting. In our country making pellets is still a new technology and many feed manuctures/farmers are not involved. If possible, could you assist me with more information on the technical practice interms of machinery used and costings over the practice.
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The best option is to look for alternative energy and protein sources available in the area and reformulate your diets for good results.Cheap sources available include cassava root chips or tapioca(for energy source) mixed with seed cakes (Good protein sources). Depending on availability these are cheap sources compare to maize nad soya bean meals.
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