quality premix

Manufacturing a Quality Premix

Published on: 07/05/2007
Author/s : Avitech Animal Health Pvt. Ltd.
A premix is a mixture of vitamins, trace minerals, medicaments, feed supplements and diluents. It is a value added solution for feeds with sustainable safety and quality.The premix industry is charged with the responsibility of manufacturing a high quality premix consistently, efficiently and economically. Its main objective is to deliver the micro ingredients in a manner desired by the consumer.P...
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July 5, 2007

Dear Dr F Nazir,

I am amazed to see your excellent and complete article on Premix Manufacturing. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you very much.

Wormest regards,

Dr Sabur
Poultry Industry Specialist
FTDC Trade & Consultation
Dhaka, Bangladesh

July 13, 2007

Dear Dr Nazir,
It is very nice and useful article from you on premix, and we hope in coming time to time we will get your advance updates on same.
Thanking you.

Pradeep Sahai
Aviagro Biotech
Avi Agro Marketing Solutions
New Delhi-63

April 17, 2008
An excellent article to read and to refer, informative and self explanatory, good for the industry especially the farmers, quackery and misleading will reduce.
Thanks. With regards.

Dr S. K. Maini
July 3, 2008

This article is informative and good for premix manufacturers who are interested to produce minerals or vitamins premixes for the development of livestock and poultry industry.

Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad Mashhadi Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad Mashhadi
Animal Nutritionist
August 24, 2008

The article Manufacturing a Quality Premix by Mr. Nazir is an excellent effort which shows keen interest and expertised skill of the author. I really appreciate Mr. Nazir for writing such informative article. Overall the articles sent by Engormix are valuable possessing current relevant problems facing the animal scientist.

December 17, 2009

Dear Dr
wonderful and complete article on premix.
what type mixer do you suggest for 50kg premix for 3 mts.
Dr Chandra

Phoenix-Abdelfetah Phoenix-Abdelfetah
Animal Nutritionist
March 18, 2010

excellent article about Manufacturing a Quality Premix, and as I am in the process of realization of my own premix I would like to receive your article in pdf format on my email, thank you very much, 

Thank you again

Maria Loisa Molino Maria Loisa Molino
Animal Nutritionist
May 20, 2012

Could you please give me some details of the do's and don'ts in premix? More about sequence/proper mixing of micro ingredients. Thank you...

Rozina Murmu Rozina Murmu
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
October 15, 2012
Dear Sir,
It is an excellent article, with lots of information, Thanks for it.

Dr. Rozina Murmu
Program Officer
Munene Nderi Munene Nderi
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
October 16, 2012

Am grateful for this in formative article on quality premix.It really enriches my knowledge as a nutrition student.

Dr.Munene Nderi
Chuka University College
Muzzamal ijaz Muzzamal ijaz
Msc.(Hons.) Animal Nutrition
October 16, 2012

It's an informative and knowledge gining article and no dought micro ingrdients play a vital role in the performance of animal.

Mahmood Ali Tabassum Mahmood Ali Tabassum
M.Sc(Hons) Animal Nutrition
October 17, 2012
Excellent article with useful informations for Animal Scientists & Animal Science Students.
April 8, 2015
It is very informative and important details for each steps for formulations of vitamin premix.Its very true that this industries are very crucial and also very very important to take care about quality of product.

Pravin Patel
parvez pathan parvez pathan
July 6, 2015
My self parvez Patha

Could you please give me some details of the do's and don'ts in premix? More about sequence/proper mixing of micro ingredients. Thank you...
my Email id falcon.inco@gmail.com

Thanking You
Parvez Pathan
Nguyen Hong Hanh Nguyen Hong Hanh
Chemical Engineer
December 10, 2015
Dear Sir
This article has lots of useful information. Could you give me some details of the interaction between ingredients in Premix.
Tkank you so much.
My email id: thienthantuyet28592@gmail.com
November 28, 2017
Dear Doctor
can you please send me what the best liquid can we add to the premix during manufacturing to reduce the dust and make the mixing is better
April 8, 2018

Dear Sir, I start a business of quality prefix animal feed supplement in organic as well as inorganic especially in poultry. Please advise me your guidance. Thanking you.

April 14, 2018
This is a good article. Do we have a place for use of herbs or natural products in premix formulation. This is the era of fear about synthetic substances. The world and the profession must go back to the root.
Prof Irvin Mpofu Prof Irvin Mpofu
Animal Nutritionist
April 23, 2018
Very good and practical article.
June 15, 2018
that good but no briefly if that can please give the formulation ration with description
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