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Article published the October 4, 2018:

Efficacy of Ziziphus mauritiana leaves extract as antibiotic alternatives in broiler chicken

1. Introduction Historically, biological active substances in herbal plants are considered the main sources for preventing and treating infectious diseases. They are also applied as protective drugs in human. ...
Author/s :
Yahya Sabah Abdulameer
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Article published the May 22, 2018:

Effects of feeding different levels Azolla pinnata, Polyalthia longifolia, Tithonia diversifolia, Moringa olifera, Azadirachta indica leaf meal infusion as an Organic Supplement on the Performance and Nutrient Retention of Growing Grass cutters

Introduction An excellent livestock management combines good housing, feeding and health. With the increasing demand for animal protein there is need to increase livestock production, hence the need for organi...
Author/s :
Alagbe olujimi John
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Article published the April 26, 2018:

Gut Health of Pigs: Challenge Models and Response Criteria with a Critical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Selected Feed Additives - A Review

INTRODUCTION Gut health is a term increasingly used in the medical literature and by the food industry. It covers multiple positive aspects of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), such as the effective digestion ...
Author/s :
Martin Nyachoti
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Article published the March 15, 2018:

Assessment of Feed Supply and Demand for Livestock in Pakistan

1. Introduction Livestock production is an important component of agricultural activities in Pakistan, which has a strong agrarian base with vast tracts of cultivable land. Livestock including poultry contribu...
Author/s :
Ghulam HabibShahbaz Javaid
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Article published the January 4, 2018:

Potential Use of Stevia Rebaudiana in Animal Feeds

Introduction Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana, Bertoni) is a perennial shrub that is indigenous to Paraguay and Brazil. The leaf, and its extracts have been used as a natural sweetener. Often referred to as the swee...
Author/s :
Eddy Decuypere
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Article published the December 22, 2017:

Feed Management in Layers

INTRODUCTION Nutrition plays a major role in the performance of layer birds. Feed management is the most important practice to get egg production at a right time, maximum peak production, long standing peak pr...
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Article published the November 16, 2017:

Evaluating the quality of feed fats and oils and their effects on pig growth performance

Introduction Energy is the most expensive component in swine diets, and record high feed costs in recent years have caused nutritionists to focus on optimizing caloric efficiency of feed ingredients used in co...
Author/s :
Brian KerrJerry Shurson
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Article published the November 16, 2017:

Effect of Addition Different Levels of Dried Kefir Milk to the Ration in Some Ratio of Serum Proteins to Broiler Chicks Ross 308

Introduction The serum proteins are no fixed rates in the normal case, but the birds subjected to a change in the environmental and health conditions lead to a change in the proportions of these proteins (Jain...
Author/s :
Assistant Professor Dr Nihad Alnidawi
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Article published the November 9, 2017:

Determination and Prediction of the Amino Acid Digestibility of Sunflower Seed Meals in Growing Pigs

Introduction Sunflower (Helianthus annuus, Asteraceae) is one of the most widely cultivated oil crops in the world (Flagella et al., 2002). The world-wild production of sunflower seed reached 37.08 million ton...
Author/s :
Jundi Liu
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Article published the October 5, 2017:

Feed Ingredients: Nutrient composition of canola meal

A new study about the nutritive characteristics of canola meal from Canadian processing facilities has been published recently in the Animal Feed Science and Technology magazine (Adewole et al, 2016). The autho...
Author/s :
Fernando Diaz, DVM, PhD
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