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Kemin enters the veterinary market. Interview with Dr. Yersin (Kemin Vet Innovations)

Published: February 28, 2011
Source : Kemin Industries Inc. USA
Kemin Industries Inc. has entered the veterinary market with the launch of a new division, Kemin Vet Innovations. This new business will be led by Andrew Yersin, former director of research and development for Kemin AgriFoods North America.

Engormix.com contacted Dr. Yersin to find out more about this expansion initiative.
Why has Kemin decided to create a new division in the animal health market?

For fifty years, Kemin has been committed to providing solutions with nutrition and health benefits. Kemin AgriFoods and Kemin Nutrisurance provide solutions for safe and healthy animal feed and pet food. The launch of this new business, Kemin Vet Innovations, will enable the company to extend some of its existing technology, through the development of new applications, to the veterinary community. This allows Kemin to positively impact not only the maintenance of animal health and well-being through Kemin AgriFoods and Kemin Nutrisurance, but also to positively impact a veterinarian's ability to improve animal health when it becomes compromised.

Will it be a worldwide launch?

Yes. Kemin Vet Innovations' home office is located at Kemin's corporate headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. This new division will have additional representation in the Middle East, China, Mexico, India, and Asia Pacific.
What kind of products and services will Kemin Vet Innovations offer to the vet market?

Products offered to the vet market will be targeted for poultry, livestock, companion animals and equine. With the creation of this new division, two products previously provided by Kemin AgriFoods are now provided by Kemin Vet Innovations. These products, KEM SAN® and Acid LAC® Liquid, have been designed to control pathogens and improve the drinking water quality of poultry and livestock; they have been shown to improve animal well-being and overall performance.
Presently, we are exploring what other solutions and services we can offer based on the needs of our customers.

How will this product line be different from what exists in the market today?

KEM SAN® and Acid LAC® Liquid are a synergistic blend of the most effective organic acids. The formulation is highly concentrated and readily soluble in water, thereby providing constant and homogeneous effectiveness.
Moreover, Kemin has a strong dual experience in both animal nutrition and animal health. By bridging this gap together, Kemin Vet Innovations can bring personalized support and practical solutions to our customers.

What is Kemin´s strategy regarding this product line for 2011?

Kemin Vet Innovations strategy is to focus on our customers and industry partners and help them respond to the constant changes of their industry. In particular, poultry and swine operations are now looking for alternatives to antibiotics. Kemin Vet Innovations will support veterinary care providers in bringing efficient and safe solutions that may reduce or help to prevent the need for antibiotic usage.
Kemin Industries Inc. USA
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Clementine Marien
Phileo by Lesaffre
Tony Hung
17 de marzo de 2011
Good to hear that Kemin move forward . Hopefully , you could develop product effective in 1 ) when poultry infected Avian Influenza 2 ) help native chicken (12~13 weeks to be slaughtered ) to be matured as early as possible (FCR and lost will be improved relatively) Sincerely,
Khalid Mahmood Shouq
9 de marzo de 2011
welcome to kemin in veterinary market in pakistan
Dhananjay Mishra
Dhananjay Mishra
9 de marzo de 2011

Kemin must think about Economical products for indian farmers. It should be not like making only clavulonic acid salt and selling it to the end users. Modus of operendi should be based on rigrous working in field to improve the quality and quantity of milk production.

Wishing your Great Success in advance!!

Dr. D. Mishra

Zhonghong Hu
8 de marzo de 2011
What is the main ingredients in KEM SAN®?
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