T5X and Zootechnical performances of dairy cows facing suspected mycotoxins problems. Northern profile (Trichotecens / ZEA / Fumo)

Published on: 02/28/2012
Author/s : Erwan Leroux (Neovia)

In 9 farms, with a total of 715 cows, where multi-contamination (trichotecens / zearalenon / fumonisins) was encountered, the addition of 100 grams of T5X SD in the TMR for 2 months, results in:· + 2 kg of milk / day / DC (p<0.05)· + 100 grams of protein / day / DC (p<0.05)· + 5 kg of crude matter intake / day / DC· -50 000 cells / mlIn the French context, th...

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Hafiz Hafiz
February 28, 2012

Dear Author, 
I would be glad if you could give a good idea further to investigate the "Mycotoxin" availabality in milk and how to reduce such toxic material in dairy cattle and milk production to save public health.

Zakraoui Fadhel Zakraoui Fadhel
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
March 22, 2013
I want to ask if these reasults are availble in all cases of feeding, there is no information about the composition of the tmr in this experiment:
Erwan Leroux Erwan Leroux
Product Manager
March 25, 2013

Daer Mr Zakraoui,

These results are available in all cases of feeding. When speaking on mycotoxins contaminations, whatever the kind of TMR, the most important is to know the global contamination, that's why for ruminants, it is important to analyze the TMR when you are looking for the mycotoxins and not the raw materials one by one.

Best regards,
NEOVIA product manager

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