Plant Extracts as Rumen Modifiers

Published on: 06/16/2011
Author/s : By C. Kamel, H. R. Kutlu (Çukurova University), and P. W. Cardozo

Introduction The occurrence of resistance of bacteria strains to related families of in-feed antibiotics, and consequent loss of efficacy of these drugs, as well as legislation restricting nitrogen and methane levels in the environment, have prompted the search for alternatives to conventional growth promoters deemed `natural´ yet efficacious. A Ph.D. thesis sponsored b...

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June 16, 2011
mIt is interesting to me that the garlic oil does not come accross in the milk as an off flavor. I would like to see more work done on these oils and extracts along with other comercial products that are used in the U.S.A. like Monensin to see if there is additional affects on rumen modification with the inclusion of both ingredents.
I think that this product would work well on many farms however the farms in the U.S.A. have been over sold on products like Rumensin and unfortunatly know how to treat symptoms but have long way to go in learning how to eliminate the need to treat animals by keeping them healthy. I keep trying to tell them that " IT"S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE BUT IT IS ANIMAL SCIENCE!!!
June 16, 2011
the milk does get a bad odor if garlic is fed on continues basis.
Stanislaw Latos Stanislaw Latos
Animal Nutritionist
June 29, 2011
I suppose that you'll have presentation on this very interesting topic at EAAP congress in Norway
Your friend
Dr Latos Stanislaw
July 25, 2011

This is what we have introduced in India since 3 years.
Basically flavanoids, alkaloids identified, isolated, extracted and blend to form a specific formula and we have couple of them for DAIRY, POULTRY, AQUA and the results are Superb.
'se, Liver function and GI micro flora are balanced enabling feed, fodder consumed to be totally metabolized resulting in Natural immunity, resistance, expelling adult round worms, increased productivity, better quality milk, flesh, naturally maintains heat cycle, pregnancy rates are better and normal delivery of healthy calves. This formula is cost effective, safe and more intangible benefits faster.

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