Oxytetracycline and Ketoprofen in the Treatment of “Shipping Fever”

Published on: 10/24/2014
Author/s : Luis Alfredo Chávez Balarezo (BVM, Research Assistant, Design and Innovation - Agrovet Market Animal Health)

Shipping Fever, also called bovine respiratory disease complex or pneumonic pasteurellosis, is an important respiratory disease of cattle that appears in animals from six months of age, usually after suffering stress caused by transportation, which may include mixing and grouping with other batches of animals of the same age during transportation, in the market and arrival at the finishing farm (C...

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abdulhadi basaran abdulhadi basaran
Veterinary Doctor
October 24, 2014
would be very greatefull if the author could tell us the reason for preference of application the commercial medicine 28-day withdrawal period for veal to treat Shipping Fever?
Best regards.
December 3, 2014
Dear Abdulhadi:

Thanks for reading the article and for your participation in the forum, regarding your question, i can say that the 28-day withdrawal should matter if the disease is not detected early, otherwise the meat should not be accepted because of the residues, but if it is used on the first week of the animals arrival, when clinical signs usually appear, it should not matter, since the drug should have cleansed out of the body at the moment of slaughter.

Because of its individual properties, oxytetracycline has demonstrated efficacy in pneumonia cases caused by Pasteurella haemolityca and P. multocida, also it is fast distributed to lungs and liver, where it takes action. Ketoprofen provides an anti-inflammatory effect and fast recovery of febrile cases, etc.

I hope i could have clear your doubt.

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