Article published the December 5, 2014
One of the main problems faced by cattle raising are metabolic diseases. Many of these diseases are of nutritional origin, besides the stressful effect for animal overexploitation, and the high production requirements that cause that nutritional support is not sufficient. Faced with this problem, a correct formulation of the ration, as well as a supplementation with minerals, vitamins and amino ac ...
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Participation in Forum on December 3, 2014
Dear Abdulhadi: Thanks for reading the article and for your participation in the forum, regarding your question, i can say that the 28-day withdrawal should matter if the disease is not detected early, otherwise the meat should not be accepted because of the residues, but if it is used on the first week of the animals arrival, when clinical signs usually appear, it should not matter, since the dr ...
Article published the November 3, 2014
The constant search to improve the productive rates of animal species used by man for the production of food has led to the problematic of nutritional needs increase, generating the appearance of metabolic problems due to inefficient rations. These problems arise due to the limitations that many producers face in the fields, both extensive and intensive exploitations. Most important limiting facto ...
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Article published the September 18, 2014
The goal of all livestock production lies in obtaining good production rates, which is achieved through proper control of variables related to the environment, the management, space and health of animals. However, when one of these variables is affected, production declines, and decrease profits for farmers. Among the major health problems worldwide, which produces a decrease in the ...
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Article published the September 5, 2014
Parasitic diseases have been responsible for great economic losses in cattle production worldwide since time immemorial, because they exhibit nonspecific signs and symptoms that often impede the diagnosis and ultimately cause high morbidity and mortality (Gosling, 2005) .   Among the many parasites that affect cattle, we have nematodes, which belong to the phylum Nemathelminthes. Roundworms a ...
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Article published the August 12, 2014
There is a growing trend to find the best production rates in production animals, using the cross-breeding, nutritional supplementation, medication use, among other options. However, a trend that has started to gain importance worldwide is raising a non-traditional specie, with great potential for the production of milk, for meat and as a work animal, a species whose rusticity allows adapt easily ...
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Article published the July 31, 2014
Shipping Fever, also called bovine respiratory disease complex or pneumonic pasteurellosis, is an important respiratory disease of cattle that appears in animals from six months of age, usually after suffering stress caused by transportation, which may include mixing and grouping with other batches of animals of the same age during transportation, in the market and arrival at the finishing farm (C ...
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