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Dear author, it has been a nice work, thank you. But, the average values of chemical composition of the cow milk given in the summary are replaced with the values ??in Table 1. On the other hand, according to the title of the article, it would be better if the counts of microbes of cow milk in urban and periurban area were given in the first plan instead of cow breeds.
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Before discussing on the article, I want to ask one question to the authors. Do you think sufficient the determination of the experimental animals number as five animals in each group, even if they are proximately the same weight (200 ± 25 Kg.) in terms of reliability of such an experiment.
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My question is to you, dear prof.How far will continue the racing of working on each of industrial by- products and co-products hoping to be as foodstuffs and eaten by livestock instead of feeding them as natural.
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Congratulations, good news for the future of Pakistan livestock farming.
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To All; Thanks for study. However, to reach the aim of Fleming's thesis is necessary to intake in sufficient quantity and quality colostrum in time by newborn calves.
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Hello would be very greatefull if the author could tell us the reason for preference of application the commercial medicine 28-day withdrawal period for veal to treat Shipping Fever? Best regards.
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Thanks for good study. But firstly there is a mistake of CP value of oat hay, the correct value should be 92.0 g/kg DM in the study. Secondly, the auther's views, comments and recommendations incomplete on the research results by me.
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