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Local Cross breed and Exotic (Pure breed) cows housed in the same shed?

I would need guidance about the threats associated with having local cross and Exotic breed in the same shed.

Hassan Subhani
Agricultural Engineer
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David John Owsley David John Owsley
Export Executive
November 10, 2010
Hello Hassan,

Maybe you could give us a few more details about the exact breeds, numbers, housing type etc but in principal there shouldnt be any problems at all.

I presume sitting/lying/standing/moving space, feeding space and patterns, access/availabilty to water etc are all sorted. Shade, ventilation. You say they are all cows so no males, no youngstock, no calves? Preganant cows/lactating/gestating? All things to consider but there are systems that have large Holstein cattle with tiny Jersey cows with no problems.

Unless the local cross breeds are aggressive or have other non-social traits you should have no problems: cows are docile, social animals and will soon sort out their own ranking.

November 15, 2010
Assuming that the cross-bred cattle are not imported, you can house any breed, with the exception of the fighting bulls and cows and calves or obviously sick and weak animals with healthy cattle, in the same surroundings. Exceptions would be any animal that is noted as aggressive towards other cattle, which could be the local cross-bred or the Exotic or I suppose you are referring to Pure-bred cattle, breed doesnt matter, aggressiveness is the factor.

Imported cattle sometimes need an adjustment period and known vaccines, such as Aftosa however this would depend on where the imported cattle had lived prior to importation. Feed rations could be a slight factor and often water troughs, can cause initial problems. Some cattle will not drink from a trough, only running water. If you mix about 8/10 fresh clean water with 2/10 molasses and pour the mixture on the top of the feed, the cattle will eat the ration.

The Best of Luck,

Charlie Lacy
International Cattle Project Expert
Saikim Gimbang Saikim Gimbang
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
December 1, 2010
Hello, Housing dairy cattle of different breed in one house is not a problem just make sure each cows are docile and not aggressive, but it is best you to seggrate according to sex and ages. Proper recording is needed.
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