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6/11/2011 - Brazil
News published on April 14, 2011
NOREL recently organized a pair of technical conferences on ruminant feeding that took place on April 6 at the School of Agronomy, University of Lerida and on April 7 at the School of Agriculture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Over 150 people attended. The topics were current indicators and nutritional tools in the feeding of beef and dairy cattle; in addition, current production param ...
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3/9/2011 - Thailand
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11/16/2010 - Germany
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Hello Hassan, Maybe you could give us a few more details about the exact breeds, numbers, housing type etc but in principal there shouldnt be any problems at all. I presume sitting/lying/standing/moving space, feeding space and patterns, access/availabilty to water etc are all sorted. Shade, ventilation. You say they are all cows so no males, no youngstock, no calves? Preganant cows/lactati ...
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3/3/2010 - Thailand
News published on May 27, 2009
An egg is composed of three major parts, shell, albumen and yolk. While yolk colour can be adjusted by using pigments, managing shell and albumen quality is not so easy. In general, egg quality tends to deteriorate as hens get older, especially the egg shell, which becomes weaker. Shell strength is greatly influenced by the minerals and vitamins in the hen's diet, particularly calcium, phosphorus, ...
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News published on May 20, 2009
Gustor BP-70 is based on sodium butyrate with a specific fat coating allowing the active ingredients to reach the distal sections of the digestive tract, not only acting as a natural growth promoter but also reducing the levels of pathogenic bacteria, especially Salmonella. Previous research has shown that Gustor BP-70 efficiently stops the spreading of Salmonella in a flock. Recently, we conduc ...
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I agree that this article is very useful. I would like to offer a reply to Dr. M. Borji from Iran (under user name Behnam Saremi) who would like to know about the application of calcium salts of fatty acids (or fat powder) in poultry diets. Firstly we must say that these fats will never have the same energy value as oils - which are 100% fat - but they can and are used as an alternative that due ...
News published on April 7, 2009
During Fima Ganadera 2009, Mr Juan Jose Mallo (Technical Manager Norel & Nature) introduced Ecobiol, a sporulated, heat-resistant stable Bacillus originating from a non-emetic strain of "Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens". This probiotic intended for poultry and swine improves the feed conversion ratio in animals, reduces the mortality rate, and enhances digestion and health. To see the video,   ...
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