Heat Stress Takes Toll on Dairy Animal

Published on: 02/29/2012
Author/s : Arindam Chatterjee, Dr.Thirumeignanam, D., Avinash K Singh (Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt. Ltd.)

Heat stress occurs in animals when there is problem in thermoregulation i.e., imbalance between heat production within the body (gain) and its dissipation from the body (loss). Increased ambient temperature may lead to enhanced heat gain as compared to heat loss from the body and cause heat stress in animals. India is a true land of diversity in every aspect from culture, food, dress to weather. S...

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Jasmer Singh Jasmer Singh
February 29, 2012
Good article with comprehensive explainatory notes.

Jasmer Singh
February 29, 2012
Qualitative Insight. Good One
Sandor Prokai Sandor Prokai
Agricultural Engineer
February 29, 2012
I agree with both previous comments... Have you ever met any groupping of dairy cows inside of new, modern stables? There are more than 100 heat stress days a year in Hungary (considering dairy farming), and the past times we could observe groupping of cows in 30-40 years old barns only. The new generation of stables (12 m high roof, movable curtins on longside walls, fan and spray system, resting boxes etc.) had been introduced in 1999. Several companies are busy in building stables, and from 3 year groupping of cows has appeared in the new-style stables too. All the parameters of building seems to be correct, but groupping is continously exist on the heat-stress months. Have You any comments for solution?
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